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Modern Organic Products - Molding Cream 2.65oz / 75g Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray 5.3oz
List Price: $16.50
Our Price: $15.70
Sale Price: $11.99
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List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $14.97
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Modern Organic Products - Molding Cream 2.65 Oz / 75g Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray
For pliable hold and texture, with extracts of certified organic licorice, marshmallow and orange peel Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray - Sexy Hair Play Dirty is a diverse wax spray that can help shape hair into any style to achieve a chic 'second day' look.
NovaLash Nighttime Conditioner/Cleanser Pads Tri Aero Body Infusion - Spray-In Volumizer 9.0oz
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $24.00
You save $6.00!
List Price: $18.75
Our Price: $12.97
You save $5.78!
Tri Aero Body Infusion - Spray-In Volumizer
These specially-formulated cotton pads are designed to thoroughly cleanse the eye area of dirt, pollutants and makeup before bed. Even if the client does not wear eye makeup, this cleanser/conditioner must be used religiously every night before bed. Tri Aero Body Infusion - Spray-In Volumizer is best used for individuals who most needs body in their hair and could never use any other body building products... Everything was too heavy for fine and ultra-fine hair, until now!
D:Fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme 2.6oz Therapro Bioclenz Normal Scalp & Hair Antioxidant Shampoo - 12 oz.
List Price: $17.00
Our Price: $11.99
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List Price: $17.98
Our Price: $15.12
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D:Fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme 2.6oz Therapro Bioclenz Normal Scalp & Hair Antioxidant Shampoo
D:Fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme, make your hair do what you want to. Matte finish, high hold. Therapro Mediceuticals Bioclenz Shampoo for Normal Scalp and Hair is a
professional salon product for encouraging healthy hair growth.

Keep your hair stylish with healthy this Summer
Love to style their hair when it comes to going to a party or a mega pool party? It makes you look a stunner and also stand out. But once the event is over you come home and curse yourself for letting the chemical spoil your hair. But worry no more. You have come to the right destination which would help you not only style but also look you stunning best but without worrying for the texture and chemical impact on your hair. Monster hair offers you a wide variety of hair care styling products which absolutely safe to use and keep your tresses nourished as well.
The first offering from Monster Hair is Brocato Curlkarma. It's an energizing cream which helps you enhance curls and waves in medium to fine hair. It's a true blessing and makes you definitely fall in love with your hair. An excellent cream which helps you make the lifeless waves turn into perfectly well defined swirls. Not only they look perfect but are absolutely natural looking too. You's keep everyone guessing. It has a good hold which would last for through the day without making your head feel heavy. For that perfect shiny and soft waves do buy Brocato Curlkarma.
The next special offering from the house of monster hair is Keratin Complex Lock Launder Strengthening Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is something you will cherish for the rest of your life as it maintains the elasticity of hair and drains out excessive oil making your hair and scalp feel refreshed. Keratin protein is a miracle product which adds volume and bounce to your dull lifeless hair. It's available at Monster hair. Rush for your personal bottle now.
Icon India oil is an essential hair product which you must have with you to keep your hair shiny and soft. It only helps in keeping your hair shiny but also adds to its smoothness. They are soft to touch and easy to manage with this oil from Monster hair. Own it before it's too late.

Brcato offers
The brand and the man Brocato hair products.
Industry legend Sam Brocato believes knowledge is essentially to everyday beauty. Following this mindset Sams products provide outstanding performance and simplicity. Starting his journey in Louisiana he now owners the Sam Brocato Salon in New York. Catering to the elite of New York society and fashion forward. Curls are coming back this summer. Not the ringlets of Shirley Temple but a beached up matte look. What better product to use than the Brocato curlkarma or Brocato back to the beach. Utilize your hands to scrunch your hair on a low heat and speed.
Ombre with Vibracolor
Ombre is one of the hottest looks around this fall. Sun damage and fadage are big concerns which results in fading and brass undertones. Using a color protecting shampoo like Brocaros Vibracolor will save money of salon visits and keep you ombre intact. Style tip

Todays Super Deal!

Brocato Holdon Styling Gel Trio ( Buy Two Get One Free )

List Price: $38.91
Our Price: $38.91
Sale Price: $25.94
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Brocato Holdon Styling Gel 8oz.
Brocato Holdon Gel Duo 8oz. A product that offers long-lasting style with control and volume

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Fudge Hair Shaper
Sale Price: $23.99
NovaLash Nighttime Conditioner/Cleanser Pads (Purchase 3 get 1 free )
Our Price: $83.97
SexyHair Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder 10.6 oz
Our Price: $14.99
Modern Organic Products - Lemongrass Shampoo
Sale Price: $10.97

New Products

Brocato Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo - 8.5 oz
Sale Price: $20.00
Short Sexy Hair, Blow It Up Gel Foam 5.3oz
Our Price: $14.97
SexyHair Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse
Our Price: $15.75
Sojourn Texture Root Lift
Our Price: $18.00
Sojourn Texture Spray
Our Price: $18.99

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